Designing Your Perfect Spring Wedding

While many people dream of a summer wedding where the sun is shining, and you can celebrate long into the evening, a spring wedding is a fantastic option, too. In many ways, it’s the perfect time to have a wedding. It’s neither too hot nor too cold, and the flowers that come to life every day is reminiscent of the blossoming love that you and your dearly beloved share and what you can expect from the future.


If you’ve always been someone who loves the celebrate the new life, longer days and improving weather that come from the season, spring weddings can give you everything you want. This is especially true if you want to find the perfect spring flowers to match the top trends, ideas, and themes that make spring weddings so exciting and successful.

Popular Trends and Ideas for a Spring Wedding

Because spring is all about celebrating new life, you can make the most of outdoor environments, such as farms, fields, or even something by an ocean or lake. These locations provide panoramic views of the area, allowing you to bring as much nature in as possible and allowing your guests to gaze in awe at their surroundings.

Natural colors will also be a hit. So, make the most of greens and soft pastel colors reminiscent of the most attractive spring flowers. You can use these colors as part of your wedding décor with tablecloths, bridesmaid dresses and centerpieces. While the happy couple may want to go with the traditional white and white and black for your wedding dress and suit, don’t be afraid to add the colors to your bouquet or boutonnieres.

How to design a spring wedding

A spring wedding is a lot like any other wedding at any time of the year. However, there are a few key elements you must remember to make it a success.

Your first thought should go to the venue and, as it’s a spring wedding, you have the luxury of choosing both indoor and outdoor spaces, weather permitting, of course. More importantly, however, is the theme and arrangements throughout the venue.

As spring is mostly associated with flowers, you may want to make this a key theme throughout. This means that everything, from the venue decor to wedding stationery can be floral themed. You can go for a general spring floral design, or you can match the styler with your chosen wedding flowers. These flowers can follow a pastel theme, or you might want to choose brighter colors that will stand out in the wedding photographs.

It’s also worth matching the food with the spring theme. Spring fruit and vegetables include apricots and rhubarb, while potatoes give your guests something substantial for the main meal, and you can pair them with whatever you like.

What flowers should I use in my spring wedding?

Whether you’re looking for the perfect bridal bouquets or floral centerpieces, picking the right flowers to use at your spring wedding is yet another essential in a long list of must-haves for your big day.

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The good news is that most essential spring wedding flowers are already naturally blooming by the time your big day comes around. This makes the flowers easier to find and cheaper to buy. As weddings can be stressful, this takes a lot of the hassle out of ensuring everything is just as you want it to be. The top flowers for a spring wedding include:

  • Anemones
  • Tulips
  • Sweet peas
  • Narcissi
  • Ranunculus
  • Peonies

    Available in a range of colors, these flowers are suitable for any wedding style, offering elegance and grace that will perfectly match the atmosphere you want to cultivate. What’s more, the multitude of colors means you can mix and match to create a cacophony of vibrant colors or stick with a single statement color that maintains a consistent theme throughout.

    Any of these spring flowers would be ideal for your wedding, but peonies are currently considered the spring flower that is in-vogue. The fluffy bloom makes them ideal for the bridal bouquet or boutonnieres for the groom and groomsmen.

    A Spring in Your Step

    Spring weddings provide the very best of both worlds for all parties. The weather is warm, without being too warm, but there is still a chance of a few April Showers, which is why it’s important to be prepared for anything. A wedding in the spring will also give you the chance to show off your favorite spring flowers, and picking the perfect floral arrangements is crucial for achieving the spring wedding you have always wanted. If you want more advice on which flowers to choose for your spring wedding, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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